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Тетрадь дружбы Нацумэ

Genre: animation, drama
Country: Japan
Year: 2018
Language: Japanese
Length: 104 min.
Age: 6+

Director: Takahiro Ômori, Hideki Ito

Takashi Natsume started to see youkai (ghosts), which other people were not able to, in his childhood. He has inherited from his late grandmother, Reiko, a special notebook titled Book of Friends that contains names of countless youkai, who have been defeated by her. Takashi is from then on pursuing the mission of returning the names to their original owners with the help of his self-proclaimed bodyguard, Nyanko-sensei. After spending busy days with people and youkai, Natsume meets his old classmate Yuki and remembers the bitterness related to them...
The film is based on the Yuki Midorikawa's manga and anime series Natsume's Book of Friends which includes 6 seasons.

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