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Война Анны / Anna's War

Genre: drama
Country: Russia
Year: 2018
Language: Russian
Length: 75 min.
Age: 12+

Director: Alexey Fedorchenko
Cast: Marta Kozlova, Ilya Belov, Sergey Fedorov

This film is about the life of 6-year-old Anna during World War II. Amid the mass, coordinated execution of Jewish people, her parents were killed. Anna miraculously survives because her mother covered the little girl’s body with her own. Anna spent a few years living in a disused chimney in the Commandant’s office, from her shelter she watched as life passed by until the village was liberated from the Nazis. In these inhuman conditions, Anna doesn’t just survive but somehow holds on to her humanity. Many factors helped her; memories from her past life, swept away by war, the cultural foundations laid by her parents and one friend who saved her from loneliness. This little girl’s story, from World War II is still relevant today. Every day the endless stream of war and conflict is ripping many children’s lives apart – their homes burn and their parents die. In the midst of fear and destruction, children are being forced to fight their own battles for survival. The child who must face the violence of war represents one of the greatest tragedies facing today’s world – a subject that must be remembered and discussed. 

Awards and festivals:

Sochi Open Russian Film Festival – Special Diploma of the Jury (For creating a piercing image of war seen through the eyes of a child)
Nika Award – Best Film, Best Actress
Golden Eagle Award – Best Feature Film, Best Director
Russian Guild of Film Critics Award – White Elephant (Best Film), Best Actress, Best Cinematographer
On The Edge - Sakhalin International Film Festival – Best Director
Veterans Film Festival – Red Poppy Award (Best Actress)
Göteborg Film Festival – participation 


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