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Братство / brotherhood

Genre: war, thriller
Country: Russia
Year: 2019
Language: Russian
Length: 112 min.
Age: 16+

Director: Pavel Lungin
Cast: Kirill Pirogov, Yan Tsapnik, Vitaliy Kishenko, Fedor Lavrov, Oleg Vasilkov, Anton Momot, Alexander Kuznetsov, Roman Kolotukhin, Mikhail Kremer, Kirill Ermichev

1988-1989. The end of the Soviet-Afghan war. The USSR begins its withdrawal from Afghanistan. Soviet General Vasiliev’s son – a pilot named Alexander gets kidnapped by the mujahideen after his airplane crashes. As a result the 108th motorized infantry division’s long awaited return home gets put on hold for one last mission: bring the General’s son back. Based on true events the previously untold story of the courageous and tragic withdrawal campaign (through the Salang pass) reveals the danger the horror and the complexity of human nature during wartime.

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