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Двойная жизнь / Doubles Vies

Genre: drama, romance, comedy
Country: France
Year: 2018
Language: French
Translation: russian subtitles
Length: 117 min.
Age: 18+

Director: Olivier Assayas
Cast: Juliette Binoche, Guillaume Canet, Christa Théret, Vincent Macaigne, Pascal Greggory

Alain, a successful Parisian publisher struggling to adapt to the digital revolution, has major doubts about the new manuscript of Léonard, one of his long-time authors - another work of auto-fiction recycling his love affair with a minor celebrity. Selena, Alain’s wife, a famous stage actress, is of the opposite opinion.

Awards and festivals:

Venice Film Festival – participation 
Tromsø International Film Festival – participation 
Seville European Film Festival – participation 

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