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Та, которой не было / Celle que vous croyez

Genre: drama, romance
Country: Belgium, France
Year: 2019
Language: French
Translation: Russian subtitles
Length: 101 min.
Age: 18+

Director: Safy Nebbou
Cast: Juliette Binoche, Nicole Garcia, François Civil, Marie-Ange Casta, Guillaume Gouix

Claire, a 50-year-old divorced teacher, creates a fake Facebook profile of a 24-year-old woman. She finds a photo of a pretty young brunette and uses it. She has created an entirely fictional character, but why? Originally she did it to spy on Jo, her on-and-off lover. But Jo only accepts friend requests from people he knows personally. To get to Jo, Claire sends his best-friend Chris a friend request and he accepts. The pair begins to exchange messages and their fake friendship turns into a fake love affair. 

Awards and festivals:

Berlinale International Film Festival – participation (Special)
Istanbul International Film Festival – participation
Vancouver International Film Festival – participation
Jeonju International Film Festival – participation

Love, Antosha


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