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Русское краткое. Победители Кинотавра-2019

Genre: short
Country: Russia
Year: 2019
Language: Russian
Length: 84 min.
Age: 18+

Director: Paulina Andreeva, Mikhail Mestetskiy, Elizaveta Stishova, Mikhail Arkhipov, Ivan Sosnin
Cast: Olga Dobrina, Alexander Kudin, Mikhail Gorevoy, Alexander Gorchilin, Olga Sutulova

The five best short films of the Kinotavr festival 2019. 

The musical “@Fiance” is about the long-awaited date of online lovers. “Interview” is about a journalist student who decides to meet her father for the first time. The hero of the comedy "Crying with You" makes a living by emotional crying at  funerals. The figure of Leo Trotsky radically turns the events in “One Historical Error”. The film "Fuel"  tells the story of the invention of an energy source within wasteland and weeds.

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