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Сорокин трип / Sorokin Trip

Genre: documentary
Country: Russia
Year: 2019
Language: Russian
Translation: English subtitles
Length: 90 min.
Age: 16+

Director: Anton Zhelnov

Vladimir Sorokin (Norma /The Norm, Goluboe Salo / Blue Salo), Den' Oprichnika / Day of the Oprichnik)  is a man who blew up the Soviet literary tradition and built his own world on its ruins. SOROKIN TRIP is the first documentary about the most significant writer  and dramatist in modern Russian literature. Sorokin for the first time talks about his own life with utmost frankness: childhood in a worker's settlement near Moscow, life in the workshops of underground artists, persecution by the KGB and pro-Kremlin youth organizations, love for Russian literature and cosmic cold.

SOROKIN TRIP has been filmed in 2019, in Berlin and Moscow.


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