Film 7 Days

Альманах «Кино за 7 дней»
10 short films that were shot by young professional teams from different countries in Tatarstan. Kazan is magical, romantic, poetic, through the eyes of those who came to visit once and fell in love with this beautiful city forever. The project was initiated by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2019.

The films were directed by directors from France, Iran, China, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Mongolia.
97 min., 12+
Language: Russian, French, Persian, Chinese, German, Czech, Mongolian


Riddle: one has no face, the other has infinitely many of them; one looks forward to die, the other looks back to live.
Georgy Danilyants


The story of the 14-year-old girl Syuyumbik, who, haы learned that there is a tower named after the Queen Syuyumbike in Kazan, decides to get there by any means, despite her brother's forbiddance.

Magomet-Ali Naymanov

Letters to Platonov

Travel-weary architect Lambert comes to Sviyazhsk Island in order to meet a certain Valery Sergeyevich Planotov with whom he has been exchanging letters. There, he intends to help Platonov build a Universal Temple of Brotherhood. Yet, no one welcomes Lambert upon his arrival on the island. As Lambert searches for the elusive figure who has made him travel across the world, an unsettling reality threatens to engulf him and make him lose his way, perhaps forever.

Normand Bertrand

Back to Kazan

An Iranian woman leaves her husband and goes to Kazan to start a new life…
Ghasideh Golmakani


To win the heart of the girl Katya, fat Trukhin decides to go on a hunger strike, sitting under the windows of a beautiful girl with a poster, because Katya told Trukhin: get off until you lose weight. But people around perceived the single picket as the beginning of an unauthorized rally.

Tatiana Zhukova


A girl from China goes to university in Kazan and spends her adulthood in the city of her dreams.
Grace Hsia


Thanks to a new dating app, Sacha gets to meet the beautiful Valeriy. But the date doesn't go as planned, and Sacha struggles with a very inconvenient obstacle: A bee has stung his tongue. But he won't give up easily: This might be the woman of his dreams.
Yoav Parrish

Moon Flower

Aygol is a young girl who is afraid to live by her own terms and she prefers to spend time with her grandma.
Dimitris Argyriou

Life after Death

Czech Republic
Film about a violent father that faces a tragic event in his life. It makes him realize his own character and also to see how hard it is to change, even for the sake of the future of the others.
Pavel Ruzyak


This is a short drama about a post socialist Mongolian millennial who is looking for someone to meet in Kazan. He couldn’t find what he was looking for instead he found something important as same as his first intention. Professional exchange was happening between Mongolia and Russia during socialist time which also left its footprint to individuals’ life. This film nudges bit of this remains.
Enkhbat Natsagdorj

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