Freeze Dance

Море волнуется раз
In her dream, Sasha is all grown up; she has a family, kids, a lovely dress; she’s doomed and unhappy. Because in this future, Kolya – the guy she loves broke up with her. And through the window of her future apartment she sees a huge ocean wave slowly rising from afar and descending upon the city. So slowly it seems almost frozen in time.

In reality, Sasha is almost a kid living together with Kolya in an enchanted forest somewhere in the south of Russia. She is his first love; he is her second. They both don’t know what future has in store for them, until they meet an older couple who lives nearby. Is it their reflection frozen in the future? Is it a warning or a blessing? And will that wave finally descend upon them…
2021, Russia, 125 min., 16+
Nikolay Khomeriki
Andrey Smolyakov, Yulia Aug, Olga Bodrova
Awards & Festivals
  • Sochi Open Russian Film Festival – Grand Prize of the Festival (Full-Length Film), Best Actress

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