The best animated short films presented at the Annecy Film Festival.
91 min., 18+
Language: Flemish, French, Czech, English, russian subtitles

De passant

2020, Belgium, 16 min.
On a summer day, the paths of two boys unexpectedly cross. 
Pieter Coudyzer.
Awards & Festivals
  • Annecy International Animated Film Festival – participation 
  • Busan International Short Film Festival – participation 

Grand Loup & Petit Loup

France, Belgium, 14 min.
Big Wolf lives quite contentedly alone under his tree. One day he sees Little Wolf approaching him and determined to keep him company. But Big Wolf has no need for his company. He likes the quiet life and his routine. At least, that’s what he thought.
Rémi Durin


2019, France, 7 min.
A young Polish partisan flees from the Warsaw Uprising. Whilst hiding in the yard of a countryside manor, he is chased up a tree by a large wolfhound. With his rifle out of reach, there seems to be no way to escape his predicament.
Mohammad Babakoohi, Benjamin Berrebi


2019, Czech Republic, 13 min.
The Kite deals with the issue of death, but it does so in a simple metaphorical and symbolic way on the relationship between the little boy and his grandpa. It explains that none of us are here forever and that all living creatures must die, but also to show that death doesn’t mean the end of our journey.
Martin Smatana
Awards & Festivals
  • Berlin Film Festival – participation

Nuit chérie

2018, Belgium, 14 min.
In winter, in Himalaya, a bear does not manage to fall asleep. He thinks too much and is in the doldrums. When a white monkey suggests him going to eat some honey at his aunt to change him the ideas. A beautiful winter night opens has they and the bear realizes that he did well, not to fall asleep.
Lia Bertels
Awards & Festivals
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival – participation
  • Annecy International Animation Festival – participation 


2017, USA, 16 min.
Past Lives Productions.

A film about a young boy shuffling between the homes of his recently divorced parents. Surreal, dream-like moments mix with the domestic realities of a broken up family in this hand-animated film set in 1980's Toronto.
Trevor Jimenez
Awards & Festivals
  • Academy Award nomination – Best Animated Short Film
  • Annie Award – Best Animated Short Subject
  • Annecy International Animated Film Festival – Audience Award (Best Short Film), Jury Award        (Best Short Film)
  • BendFilm Festival – Best Animated Short
  • Chicago International Film Festival – Gold Hugo (Best Animated Short)
  • Fairhope Film Festival – Jury Award (Best Narrative Short)
  • Fargo Film Festival – Best Animation - Honorable Mention
  • Los Angeles Film Festival – Audience Award (Best Short Film)
  • Nashville Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize (Animation)
  • Oaxaca FilmFest, MX – Life is Short (Best Animated Short)
  • RiverRun International Film Festival – Special Jury Prize (Animated Short Film)
  • Warsaw International Film Festival – Best Animated Short 

Pépé le morse

2017, France, 15 min.
On the windy and cloudy beach, Granny is praying, Mum is shouting, the sisters don’t care, Lucas is alone. Grandpa was a weird guy, now he’s dead.
Lucrece Andeae
Awards & Festivals
  • César Awards, France – Best Short Film - Animation 
  • Annie Award nomination – Best Animated Short Subject
  • FANTA ELX: Elche Fantastic Film Festival – Special Award (Best International Short Film)
  • Molodist International Film Festival – participation 
  • Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival – participation 

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