dolce... | Eastern Elegy

dolce... | Восточная элегия
104 min., 16+
Language: Russian, Japanese


2000, Russia, Japan, 61 min., 16+
A portrait of the widow of writer Toshio Shimao, living on an isolated island with her disabled daughter, shunning comforts and other company.
Aleksandr Sokurov

Eastern Elegy

1996, Russia, Japan, 43 min., 16+
First film in a cycle of Sokurov's Oriental-themed meditative documentaries.

Visually impressionistic, atmospherically dense, and narratively opaque, Oriental Elegy is the surreal journey of a displaced spirit (Aleksandr Sokurov) as he wanders in the interminable darkness through the temporal landscape of a quaint and isolated feudal-era fishing village.
Aleksandr Sokurov
Awards & Festivals
  • Oberhausen International Short Film Festival – Grand Prix

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